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Need for Community Relations

In any good relationship , each party needs to make an effort . A PR person’s mission and performance in a community are likely to bring valuable investment opportunity for an organization . These investments may come in the form of stability, pride, goodwill, recognition, support, loyalty , visibility and employee morale.

For an organization to co-exist peacefully in its community it has to determine what the community knows and thinks about the organization . However , a community more or less formally constitutes heterogeneous systems of entities that may include any combination of individuals , groups, institutions and organizational forms.

Therefore community relations plays an important role to inform people about the operations of the firms ; its products, number of employees, size of the payroll, tax payments , employee benefits, growth and support of community projects.

The tireless commitment towards the community promotes a sense of teamwork which is essential in any long – term success.

The PR officers in the public and private sectors use every forms of media to communicate key messages and manages the reputation of their clients . They even inform employees and their families about the activities of the company; achievements and developments , so that they can tell their friends and neighbours about the company and favorably influence opinions of the organization.

Community relations is an essential PR strategy, it removes discrepancies, disaffection and respond to the criticism that may exist among community neighbours. Not only that it establishes a relationship between management and community leaders and informs the government about the firm’s contribution to community welfare. They contribute funds for the health programs , aid youth and adult education by providing financial assistance to the indigents.

Ananya Ghosh, Intern, PRSI , Kolkata Chapter.


Is Propaganda and Publicity same?

People have this misconception that Publicity and Propaganda are the same. Both seek to shape the perception and influence the public opinion.
But publicity and propaganda are not the same. Though they both use social media extensively.
Propaganda is deliberately designed to influence the opinion or actions of individuals or groups.
It is basically a lie or a half-truth, misinformation and one sided information. Though in the recent times we have seen that propaganda is being practiced extensively and effectively during the election campaigning (2014).
it can be treated as an subversive activity which creates intolerance, hate and fear by suppressing actual facts and re-establish false and misleading information to manipulate opinions.
like for example, ads claiming to lose 10kg of weight in four days. Which is practically not possible.
Public Relations uses truth. Hence, facts can be checked in cases of doubts.
They rely on logic, facts and at times emotions to spread information between organizations or individuals named its “publics”. Used to promote the products and services and build goodwill.
it uses and encourages different point of views so that they can better service. Their basic objective is to measure, analyze and influence organizations which develops from the attitudes of individuals comprising of the publics.
Juhi Bajaj,Intern,PRSI,Kolkata Chapter


Freedom of the Press is inviolable in democratic country like India. However, there are many who generally abuse this freedom. Journalists covering stories or events about people often attract far more public attention than political happenings. But this is certain that there is none who could place themselves on others. It means that we all enjoy and feel interest reading about the conditions and happenings of others; but if the same situation happens in our lives then there comes a big question mark that whether we could equally enjoy reading about ourselves. Newspapers creates a drastic influence that it not only brings change in the lives of the people but can also even overthrow a government creating a revolution just as in earlier days.
The story of an Aberdeen family illustrates the power of press. It is a story of a poor family which acquired fame and fortune overnight. Aberdeen is a small town in South Dakota. A family of total 7 members including parents and their five children used to live their life struggling for a meal a day. They were in extreme poverty and obscurity. They were also expecting their sixth child. But suddenly they became the parents of quintuplets – four girls and a boy. This brought a radical change in their lives. The next day after the birth, an aeroplane brought sixty reporters and photographers in the town. The news was of great importance to them as they became the only parents who gave birth of quintuplets in America. In a short moment the news got spread countrywide.
Newspapers and magazines offered them huge money for exclusive coverage. Industrialists flooded them with gifts. Aberdeen itself underwent a sea-change. Building of a new highway and a ‘quint – museum’ was announced. Finally, the parents became the victims of publicity and commercialization and were condemned to lead abnormal lives.
In this modern and digital world not only with the help of newspapers but also the media channels and social media the spread of news has increased tremendously. There are many examples like – Nirbhaya Rape Case, Park Street Rape case etc which brought a revolution in the whole country. Media and Newspaper coverages on this Nirbhaya Rape Case influenced the whole country regarding Women’s Protection. Press can not only change people’s mind, society but the whole world. In coming days Press will be the only weapon to fight against all the ills and odds and thereby eradicate those hazards and obstacles giving a new millennium of hope for the world.

Baisakhi Dutta,Intern,PRSI,Kolkata Chapter.


social media an emerging tool of public relation

Social media is all about sharing information in a large platform. All of us use social networking site for some or other purpose whether to communicate or to do publicity of various brands. One can also say that social media and publicity go hand in hand…. In 21st century, most of the company choose social network site to promote their image and reputation. It’s a channel for them to communicate.

Nowadays it’s a tradition to use social media just to keep an update what is happening around us, it plays the role of television, newspaper, magazine, etc. whether it’s a youngster, reporter, journalist or any celebrity they do share, like, post, write blogs, tweet or comment. There are many more ways to introduce your product but since its easy and convenient process then why should anyone look for anything else.

70% of the people Google everyday so it means a lot to put your content in Google. For a company it’s not possible to communicate every individuals so in this case social media is very helpful. It’s a platform where users and professionals can converse and exchange their thoughts and ideas in mass where other viewers can also view it.

It creates immediate buzz of the brand like at the time of Narendra Modi. Social media is been a very important base for BJP to witness the epic victory. Everyone considers him to be the first politician to use social media very smartly. Most of his campaign is done by social networking site such as Facebook, twitter, you tube, etc…this is the first time youngsters voted in large number. Amit Shah, the person who campaigned for him owns a big part of his success.

Today’s generation believe Facebook to be a soul part of their life which they can connect to with everything that’s going on around. There are crores of people around the world today who use Facebook as their prime media of social networking where there are a wide number of pages that people can access to just by a click. Social media or World Wide Web is such a scenario in one’s life that people are like moths to flowers.

We can’t ignore the fact that social media offers immense communication and marketing opportunity for company and organization. Social media help Public Relation professionals to engage with public directly. The relationship between PR and social media has changed drastically over the last 2-3 years. But I don’t think it will ever last, what you think?

Social media has both advantages and disadvantages it depends on how company make benefits out of it. The popularity of social media had an impact on media organization which are now in search of unique and engaging content which will drive traffic to their websites. This in turn has transform the role of Public Relation.

• PRERNA RAJGARIA • A 3rd year student pursing Media Science (UG) from NSHM institute of Media and Design, Kolkata. Also working as an intern in Public Relation Society of India (PRSI), Kolkata chapter.

Have you ever seen what’s up rather than whatsapp?

Gone are those days when we would exchange text messages with friends and colleagues without knowing their ‘last scene’ or ‘online’ status. We would just push the send button and be informed by the ‘Delivery Report’ that our message is successfully sent. We hardly bothered whether the person has seen our message and yet not replied, because then we strongly believed in ‘network problems’ and ‘no balance’. Send and receive was the only option till 2009, life was very, very simple.

Then what happened in 2009 that changed the above scenario totally?

It was the mastermind of two former employees of Yahoo, Brian Acton and Jan Koum. With the onset of social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook, usage of internet had suddenly become one of the basic necessities of life.  This rapid growth of social media via internet led to a new way of messaging through internet, known as Whatsapp.

What is whatsapp? It is a messenger where you send and receive messages and digital media like images, audio and video provided you have a smart phone. Now what is a smart phone? A smart phone is an advanced mobile phone with computing and connectivity features. Smart phones cost much more than a basic mobile phone. So in order to have whatsapp you need a smart phone. And to need a smart phone you need to have good affordability. Whatsapp made its way through all these barricades and successfully reached 500 million monthly active users till April 2014.

With the growing popularity of Whatsapp, people started buying smart phones and also gave up the simple and basic way of messaging. All people do now is look down and exchange texts, videos, etc. Make two strangers sit alone in a room with their smart phones and you find them looking down and smiling as if the entire world is in their phones! Interaction with strangers has become a big no-no for technology equipped people! The famous ‘Look Up’ video from Gary Turk has said it all. While people have stopped seeing up, they have lost on the actual important things of their lives.

If it is sounding even a bit complicating, go back and read the first paragraph. Life was simpler and easier, isn’t it?

Dipti Shah,Intern,PRSI,Kolkata Chapter.

Importance of “Folk Media” in rural communication

‘Communication’ as a process is very important to everyone and everywhere. As we know there is different medium of communication, such as- print, radio, television and new media. Apart from these medium ‘folk media’ is also a important medium which is has an important role in rural communication. From the very early age ‘folk media’ has had taken most important role in exchange thoughts and massages among the villagers in India. India has variety of folk forms, which includes Bhavai of Gujarat, Baul and Jatra of Bengal, Burrakatha of Andhra Pradesh, yakshagana of Karnataka, Nautanki of the North india, Villupattu of kerela, Ankhia nata of Assam, Chhau in Bengal, Orissa and Jharkhand and many more forms are there. though there is other traditional medium but this is much more famous medium in the villages. Folk media tells real story, it reflects hope, strength, aspiration, perception of the villagers in a simple way. Song, music, drama, street theater, folk dance, yatra etc these are the different forms in folk media. ‘Folk’ as a communication medium it is only popular in rural areas. Local cultural activities come across through this medium which create interest in people, anyone can easily  participate in this communication process and cthey an give their feedback instantly. This medium is very close to the heart and mind of the villagers that can overcome the barrier of literacy, language, and also the cost factor, as it is very low cost medium. The medium is much more acceptable for the villagers, through which they can easily share their thoughts and ideas. It has a strong way to revel the view of the villagers on several topic, issues, incident and sociopolitical activities. It helps to create awareness  and motivation among the villagers. Folk as communication medium has a important role in development in rural area. But at this 21st century in the era of new media, folk media is loosing it’s importance. Jatra pala, kobi gan, street theater etc. are becoming rare to see day by day. Some how popularity of other traditional medium is effecting this media. Here a question comes that is the folk medium will loose its important when the technology is becoming smarter day by day?

Chaitali Ghosh,Intern,PRSI,Kolkata Chapter.

PR a challenge in INDIA.

PR a challenge in INDIA.

Public Relation is required by all. Whether it’s a big firm employing thousands or employees all over the country or a small firm where one employ may have to perform multiple roles.
Public relation means communication. But, communicating the right way and using the right medium for communication.
it helps to understand the problems of the target audience and help the management of the organization to make favorable changes accordingly.
Why is PR is a problem in a country like INDIA?
It is because of the following reasons
India is the seventh largest country in the world with the population more than one billion and still growing.
The literacy rate of the people in our country is low.
The economy of our country is not good. Our country comes under the category of a developing country n not a developed country.
Tradition and modernity exists side by side here
Mass communication has not developed as it should have till date. Thus innovative ideas have to be developed to convey the message to the mass which consumes a lot of time, energy and also becomes expensive sometimes.
In India there are various different languages ,where 22 are official languages. There are diverse religions making it a multy-cultural country.
to conclude, the size, the population, the low literacy rate, the diverse culture and the absence of mass communication are the challenges for PR which has to be overcome to be able to communicate with the audience effectively. Ways have to be found out where the message is also reached and the sentiments of the people are also not hurt and is also culturally acceptable.
Juhi Bajaj,Intern,PRSI,Kolkata Chapter

Social Media Convergent with PR

Public Relation is not new in this world but the strategies indulged today are creative, innovative and unique. We have came across many PR tools in our text books but the recent addition being the social media is growing to be the most important and popular one. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, etc , are the updated tools of electronic media. The entire population has been overwhelmed about the concept of chatting, video calling, video conferencing, sharing and liking pictures etc. For PR social media campaign has also been fruitful. The networking of people with one another on social media has definitely gave a new dimension to explore for the PR profession. Another utility of social media is that here the communication takes place in the form of “many to many” rather than “one to many”. The information that is need to be disposed for the whole world to have a glance at it and be updated about the on going activities. For example today people know what Sharukh Khan had in breakfast and which foreign power will Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visit today. We all are aware about these facts in fractions of seconds. Now we don’t have depend on newspapers or television news as the fastest media on board. Today you sent a friend request to a celebrity asking for his/her interview and the next day your are sitting in front of him/her chatting. This is what social media has achieved connecting people to one another around the world.
Recent times see the public relation officer is much more concerned about how many likes they got for the post in Facebook or the link in Youtube for their promotional event or press conference.. The Shraddha Kapoor controversy on the sets of “Ek Villan” went viral on Youtube and later on was disclosed as a prank on the newbie. But we know it was a good PR job done here giving a scoop to media about the yet to be released film. The idea and presentation are keys to the success of an organization and how well it utilizes its networking on the world stage.

Poulami Mondal, Intern, PRSI, Kolkata Chapter

Corporate communication

Corporate communication is a vital strategy part of any organization. Corporate communication basically involves managing and dealing with both the internal and external public of a company, It reflects the image and personality of the company, Corporate Communications help organizations explain their mission. The major work is to deal with the issues of the customers, No customer should ever face problem, the ability to handle the customers and fulfill all their desires in the workplace is a prime part of corporate communication. Communication is another important part of corporate communication, where the communication has to be strong, strong enough to hold the customers and give them the desired feedback they want, here The PRO should understand the problem of the customers and should treat them as supreme, If the PRO communicate properly most of the issues are cleared. Having a very good term with the customer is important. Solving bill problem, supply of goods, to formulate and execute effective procedures to make decisions on communication matters mobilize internal and external support for corporate objectives are the primary functions.

Corporate communication is a matter of firm commitment to a corporate life-style and culture in policy and actions, It prompts a corporation to look beyond its traditional bottom line, to the social implications of its business. Most decisions made in an organizations come through a consensus in the corporate PR. The challenge lies in defining what serves the public interest. A sound corporate communication team contributes to build up a good corporate image. Corporate communication earns success only when it is based on good policies and actions. The communication manager builds up a company’s image with transparency and openness. Every attempt to glorify an organization will be seen through the lens of cynicism. Therefore corporate communication is just not matter of saying good things but of doing good work, A good image can be build up by responding to bitter criticism and corrective actions.

Image identity is taken care of, All the possible steps are taken for enhancing the image of the organization. One has to be updated in corporate communication, keeping news of the work of the PRO’s of other state is very important so that they can use better ideas for the welfare of there organization. A good communication manager will look at every aspect of presenting and upholding a sound image of the company in front of the media.

-Neha Shaw, Intern Public Relation Society Of India, kolkata chapter

Effectiveness of Effective Communication at Workplace

Healthy communication is one of the keys to success in life. Humans are social animals and needs to communicate in order to express themselves. Good communication tactics are very essential, especially at professional level. Poor or weak communication system can cause fatal destruction in the functioning of any organization as they can create confusions, rumors, conflicts and misunderstanding among the employees, staffs, clients and whosoever concerned. Thus, to run an office smoothly it is essential to have proper internal and external communication.
Nice and healthy communication is a necessary ingredient to establish a cordial professional relationship at work place. No matter whether it is the boss or coworkers or staffs or clients or anyone else, communication should always be done in an efficient and result yielding way. Here, one important thing should be kept in mind that good communication does not only mean an excellent orator but a good listener too. The art of listening to what others are communicating in both verbal as well as via non-verbal mode is an essential attribute of a good communicator. So, apart from being a brilliant spokesperson it is very essential to be a patient listener to master the task of a proficient communicator.
Healthy communication plays a major role in escalating the productivity of any company, making the staffs sincere and resourceful. If there is a smooth flow of instructions and details among the employer and employee and the objectives of the company are explicitly and clearly stated to the staffs then it facilitates them to work accordingly, keeping in mind the demands and the organization’s expectations from them. It also projects a good image of the company to the outer world.
Good internal communication at workplace binds the workers together and helps to work as a team. There is proper coordination among the staffs, they are reliant upon each other and there is synchronization. Employers are clear about their vision as well as mission. Another advantage of effective communication is that it helps to improve the confidence of the staffs. If the staffs get regular feedback about how their organization is performing then it will motivate them and will help them to work with extra zeal. Irregular or no response about the company’s performance might demotivate them. So, proper internal communication is must, in order to run an office successfully. Employees who frankly communicate with their staffs are likely to establish amiable relationship with the subordinates, which is obviously necessary for the betterment of the company. Thus, healthy and proper communication is a vital factor behind the success of any organization.

Madhumita Bhattacharjee, Intern PRSI, Kolkata Chapter.