PR as management function

A PR is the eye and ears of a company. the following is done by a PR:-
• Monitor changes in the socioeconomic environment and keep top management informed about them . Developments or changers that are likely to have an impact on the organization, either immediately or in the near future.
• Study the attitudes of the different publics(private and public) with which the organization is concerned and convey to the management any shifts in their attitudes. Also advise the management of any policy that may be necessary to cope with such changes .
• Maintain a constant flow of communication to the relevant publics, by choosing the correct/appropriate media that will combine optimum effectiveness at minimum cost
• In internal communication, maintain top downward and bottom upward channels of communication.
• Advise management of social service projects and programs, to enable the organization fulfill its corporate social responsibilities. And also maintain contact with free-lance artists, journalists and act as a link between them an the departments which require their service.


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