Trading with the crowd

In the times when social media is at its peak with nearly 70% of the members of the family in any one of those, exchanging either cares or even business ideas, researching on their own target audience or following up with the world at real time, companies like Coca-Cola, LG, Phillips and many such multi-nationals are simply putting up their demands – what are their requisites and what would be the benefits enjoyed by the source. On the other hand, the so called Freelancers or the Sources are stalking through the fine grass of different Facebook Pages or Groups or LinkedIn posts or Twitter Tweets for any requirements which they could fulfil.

Crowdsourcing is the new mantra which many multi-national companies are adopting to get their products a new logo, creative copy, press release, brand name, product design and many other deliverables done from the young mass. They perceive it as a better option than hiring a classical PR agency, the reason being the long procedures that precede the final execution of the demand – sending a Request for proposal, waiting till they analyze and state how much they could deliver, making a deal and deciding on the pay. Even after such tiring steps one cannot assure the best of the creative ideas which would be selected to present to the company because it is a common observation that the head of the planning committee decides their boundaries and the output of one selected creative idea.

On the other side of the court, the ball rotates in many hands and gets transferred innumerable times, all at real time to meet the deadline. Now, the company could see all of the players’ strength in creative terms and chooses one who could hit it to win it.

This kind of a crowdsourcing program helps the company to get the most of the creative ideas as it has innumerable of them on its platter. The source gets benefitted in the way that there was no legal binding on him to complete the given task.

By Saransh Mehta, Intern. NSHM Knowledge Campus.

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