Awards 2017

Awards are among the surest ways to recognize good work of individuals or companies. At Engage 2017, we take this opportunity to reward the best and brightest minds in the digital media industry through a wide category of awards.
There will be "Achieving Excellence" and "Best Practices" Award in all the categories.

AWARD winners of 2017
Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign

Achieving Excellence

Presented to: Interactive Avenues Pvt. Ltd.

Campaign Name: Amazon We Indians

Client: Amazon India

Best Practices

Presented to: Zee Bangla

Campaign Name: Mayer ChokhePujo

Client: Zee Bangla


Presented to: Indus Net Technologies

Campaign Name: Siddha Naboborsho Offer

Client: Siddha Group

Video content for Marketing & Promotion

Achieving Excellence

Presented to: Interactive Avenues Pvt. Ltd.

Campaign Name: Coca-Cola celebrations on Jio chat

Client: The Coca Cola Company

Best Practices

Presented to: WATConsult

Campaign Name: HE Flying Basin

Client: Emami


Presented to: MRM//McCANN

Campaign Name: #YogaForEveryone

Client: JCB India Ltd.

Use of Social Media in a Campaign

Achieving Excellence

Presented to: Interactive Avenues Pvt. Ltd.

Campaign Name: Amazon- Bade Dilwale

Client: Amazon India

Best Practices

Presented to: ITC Hotels

Campaign Name: India Instameet

Client: ITC Hotels


Presented to: Interactive Avenues Pvt. Ltd.

Campaign Name: IDFC – Twitter Resume (Did you know a tweet could land you a job?)

Client: IDFC Bank

Mobile Application development & Use

Achieving Excellence

Presented to: Innofied Solution Pvt Ltd

Campaign Name: AllRide Apps Transport Solutions

Client: Innofied Solution Pvt Ltd

Best Practices

Presented to: KreativeMachinez

Campaign Name: IPL Live 10 K+

Client: KreativeMachinez


Presented to: Indus Net Technologies

Campaign Name: Hear and watch

Client: Saudi Broadcasting Corporation (SBC)


Presented to: Max Mobility Pvt. Ltd

Campaign Name: Sell Smarter & Faster with Ultralite

Client: Coca Cola India

Category OF AWARDS

Entries must demonstrate how effectively digital and other media (including offline platforms) were used for product/service promotion. This means that the components of the campaign ensured a greater impact than the sum of its parts.

To be awarded to the video(s) that has/have been exclusively distributed in online media. Entrants are expected to state whether the particular video was also transmitted on TV (or any other media) before/after it was posted on the internet. Videos released in TV/cinema prior to online release will not qualify.

Shall be honored to the digital agency which supercedes the other agencies in terms of outstanding business performance, overall achievements recognized for inspired leadership, management excellence in Eastern India both in terms of advertising and communication industries. This mainly depends on the number of awards won each year by the agency and their cumulative bonus points.

* Digital Agency of the Year* would be judged according to the above mentioned categories (Click on the 'Digital Agency of the Year' Dropbox) . Please name one of the most significant campaigns and its details along with the links or files of your other award submission related works undertaken throughout the year.

Blog: The blog (multiple entries) maybe on any subject/vertical, written by an individual or a group, for a brand/corporate or corporate property. This could be a blog that pushes for a government/corporate/social policy change. Entries will be judged on the basis of popularity, Virality, originality of content consistency and quality of content.

Single Blog entry: This category will acknowledge a single entry for being the most impactful blog piece. This maybe on any subject, in any vertical, written by an individual or a group, for a brand/corporate/brand or corporate property. This could be a blog that pushes for a government/corporate/social policy changes.

To be awarded to the campaign that has innovatively used social media creatively and most effectively to reach target customers to build or maintain their brand, increase market share while attaining marketing objectives set during the review period. Entries should truly make use of social media platforms.

To be awarded to a game, developed strategically, that effectively and creatively reached target customers to build or maintain their brand and market share while attaining marketing objectives. There are two sub-categories: a) Mobile Apps b) Online Apps

Awards Registration Ends on 10th August, 2017

Follow the below given instructions to get your campaign nominated for an award.
  • Upload your campaign works (JPEG, DOC, PDF, VIDEO) via we transfer.

  • Fill up the form details given at the bottom of the page to complete the procedure for award.

  • Choose the specific award category.

  • Share the we transfer link on the registration form.

*All award categories have an entry fee of Rs. 2,500.Once submitted you will be redirected to the Pay U page.


Entries are welcome from companies and media owners, as well as their digital agencies, advertising agencies, production or design companies, or other relevant marketing service providers. Any entry for a particular project should be co-ordinated among the different parties involved in the narrative. This will ensure avoidance of any confusion should multiple entries with respect to the same exercise is received for evaluation and selection for the award in the same category.

Eligibility Period

Works executed and campaigns launched between 1st April, 2016 and 30th June, 2017 are eligible to enter the awards.

Entries Opens

8th July 2017 to 10th Aug 2017

Entry Fees

Rs. 2,500/- for each entry.

An independent jury consisting of professionals from Advertising, Marketing, PR and digital development fields will judge the entries.

Great care has been taken in selecting a judging panel comprising the right balance of specialized knowledge, experience and objectivity.

Strict guidelines, designed to eliminate cronyism or breaches of rules of entry, will be followed. In all categories, judges will look primarily for projects that have met the client/advertiser’s objectives. Winning projects will be able to offer demonstrable success in this regard. However, judges will also take into account the level of difficulty of those objectives and the degree to which they have been met using innovative and creative treatments.

Judging criteria

Strategy of the Campaign (30%)

An insightful approach in terms of the right selection of target audience while being true to your strategy on each of the campaign elements.

Innovation /Creativity (30%)

Ideas/concept must be original besides being out of the box. Also, creative selection of communication channels and innovation in measurement of results will be noted.

Virality of the Campaign (40%)

Judges will be clearly looking at quantification of results as how far the objectives set for the campaign are met in terms of mass reach, engagement and potential to go viral.

Criteria for Award Entry

Highlight any unique campaign that resulted in improved customer engagement (1st April, 2016 – 30th, June 2017). Highlight any new technology implementations or processes that improved customer engagement (if applicable).


Material Submitted by Users.

PRSI organizes/supports various awards contests for excellence inter alia, in the fields of advertising, marketing and digital media. As part of the nomination and award process, PRSI encourages users to digitally submit their entries on By submitting your work/entries/ideas or any other data (“Submissions?) or authorizing a third party to do so on your behalf, you: Agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of use of In this regard, including any additional terms applicable to the awards contest(s) in respect of which the Submission has been made; Confirm that you meet all eligibility requirements for the awards contest(s) in respect of which the Submissions has been made; warrant and represent that you are the sole author and/or creator of the Submission and/or hold the exclusive intellectual property rights therein at the time of submission thereof, that your Submission does not violate any applicable laws, and that you have no reason to believe that your Submission infringes or violates any intellectual property rights of a third person. In the event the Submission contains any material or elements that are not owned by you and/or which are subject to the rights of third parties, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, if any, you will be under an obligation to procure any and all declarations, undertakings and/or consents necessary from the actual owner/author/developer/creator, to permit the submission of the Submission without additional compensation.