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From malls to e-Kart

Lets rewind a few years.
2008 – 2006 – 2005.
Malls were the newest oomph of the town. You get dresses, vegetables, toys, jewellery all under the same roof. And such clean places, adorn with coffee shops, restaurants to hang out even. Not just that, you get brands from all over the world, from China to Chandni chowk, all under the same roof. Now, that has reasons to call malls the favourite hangout centre of the city.
And also discounts, sale, and offers drew customers like normal shops never did.
Birthday of the mall- 15% discount on clothes.
15th august- 20% discount on jewellery.
Durga puja- buy two, get one free.
People had reasons to loiter round malls.

Back to the present year.
People are seen more infront of computers, than in malls.
Courtesy:,, ebay
Now you can shop, even when you are stuck in a jam, or in a loo.
And the best part, they take the pain of delivering things right at your doorstep. (obviously that pinches your pocket a bit, with the delivery charge).
But then, now malls are right in your hand or on your table. In your desktop or in your palmtop.

In ways, technology changes the behaviours of the society!

Tapatrisha Das.
Intern, PRSI Kolkata Chapter.

From pen- paper to chat box

1980- The girl tears a page from her just bought notebook, brings out a pen and sits to write a letter. Maybe to her father, staying miles away, or to her husband, who is in army, or maybe to her friend who lives a river away. Posts it , and waits. Waits every day, stares at the postman with askew eyes, for the reply.

Time taken for the whole process- Not certain. Months, years, or forever sometimes.


2014- The girl brings out her newly bought smart phone, logs into Facebook, and pings the friend she wants to talk to. (Yes. Everyone is a friend in Facebook. Even your dad is your friend in Facebook. All credits- ‘Add as a Friend’ option). That follows an instant reply!

Time taken- half a second, maybe?


Technology. Modern age, and everything else put aside, what we loose out now is perhaps patience, and the longing.

Well, everything is so speedy and instant, that we forget to wait for something.

Whatever. I don’t want to sound philosophical or a 80s grandmom.

The hand writing is lost too. How many people, in this world, do you think are writing now, in PEN and PAPER?

Open a new document in MS Word and type- that’s the MODERN mantra.

I don’t know if pen and paper was better, or typing in chatbox is.

I leave that to you to decide.

Tapatrisha Das, intern, PRSI, Kolkata Chapter

When communication marries technology

You just received a new Whatsapp message.

Your phone says you have 3 missed calls.

Your Facebook profile just got two new friend requests.

Your Instagram share just got two more likes.

Your tweet just got retweeted.

Struck in traffic jam? Your home is just a phone call away.

Can’t find a location? Google tracker is a click away.

Can’t express in talks? Your words are just a blog away.


Gone are the days of people petting pigeons to send letters, or taking long walks to the post office to post a letter, and wait for decades for the reply.

In the dot com era, everything is served first hand. And hence it brings our big earth of 6,371 radius to our fingertips. Yes, right to our little fingertips.


Amazing how we adopt so quickly to it.

I see old people, even standard one kids using touch-screen phones, laptops, play stations with such skill.

Dear technology, you beauty!

In family we commute. Between our friends we commute. With our collegues, the man sitting beside me in the bus, the fish vendor I bought my favourite hilsa from, the mango seller, my Facebook friend, and the rickshaw puller who brought me home, I commute. We all commute. The world would be in shackles if people had no way of communication. And technology obviously makes it easier.

Did you just check your phone?

Your dad just left for foreign on a new assignment? Facebook him.

Your beloved wants to see you right now? At 3am? Skype him.

Connect. Commute.

The world is at our fingertips.


-Tapatrisha Das

1st year student in B.Sc Media Science.
NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata.
Intern at the Public Relations Society of India.