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From malls to e-Kart

Lets rewind a few years.
2008 – 2006 – 2005.
Malls were the newest oomph of the town. You get dresses, vegetables, toys, jewellery all under the same roof. And such clean places, adorn with coffee shops, restaurants to hang out even. Not just that, you get brands from all over the world, from China to Chandni chowk, all under the same roof. Now, that has reasons to call malls the favourite hangout centre of the city.
And also discounts, sale, and offers drew customers like normal shops never did.
Birthday of the mall- 15% discount on clothes.
15th august- 20% discount on jewellery.
Durga puja- buy two, get one free.
People had reasons to loiter round malls.

Back to the present year.
People are seen more infront of computers, than in malls.
Courtesy:,, ebay
Now you can shop, even when you are stuck in a jam, or in a loo.
And the best part, they take the pain of delivering things right at your doorstep. (obviously that pinches your pocket a bit, with the delivery charge).
But then, now malls are right in your hand or on your table. In your desktop or in your palmtop.

In ways, technology changes the behaviours of the society!

Tapatrisha Das.
Intern, PRSI Kolkata Chapter.

Growth of Indian Aviation Online

Virgin America has set a very good example of social media marketing, they are widely present in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. During a journey a passenger tweeted his displeasure for not getting his meal; the ground team picked up the message and arranged for his meal soon.

India is currently the 9th largest aviation market in the world and to be the third largest, by 2020 according to industry estimates. The aviation sector brings immense growth in the economy of a country and also plays an important role in tourism of a country. India is the base to more than 85 international airlines and 5 Indian airlines connecting to 40 different countries. Air India is India’s largest airlines both in terms of passenger carried and market shares, followed by is Jet airways. They both have strong presence in the social media, which includes Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Pinterest. Stronger presence and dominance is of Jet Airways, they have over one million fans in Facebook. Indigo, another emerging Airlines, with their contest in Facebook, ‘Snap, share, win’ managed to get huge participation from their fans and also gain popularity.

Tourism as well has taken over a lot of social media campaigning and marketing like airlines. With several websites that help booking flights, buses and hotels the presence of the airlines and tourism in the social media is felt largely. With numerous personal blogs and professional websites writing about tourism, readers flood the articles with personal views, queries and responses. Getting attention of the target audience through digital marketing is in vogue now. It is not only effective if reaching a lot of people in very less time but also arouses interest of travel in many.

Several online writing competitions and photography competitions have prizes in the form of tourism package for two or a discounted price for a particular trip via some travel company.  A basic rule to survive in the digital media is to be extremely innovative and have nothing in common with any competitor.