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World CSR Day 2013
Date: 2013-02-18

18th February 2014

Public Relations Society of India - Kolkata Chapter celebrated World CSR Day on February 18, 2013 at Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata. The program aimed to enhance social responsiveness of Corporates, individuals and NGOs, imbibe the sense of giving among the Gen Y leaders and inculcate the idea of CSR through the academia. A Workshop on “Corporate Social Responsibility – Towards a Sustainable Future” was held for Corporates, NGOs and Students. The emphasis of the Workshop laid on how technology, analytics and academics can be imbibed within Corporate Social Responsibility. Speakers at the Workshop included Malaysia based CSR Consultancy group – Kohana and Kolkata based Social Analytics company –Business Brio.

A CSR Information Document was released at the event by Dr R P Sengupta, Neurosurgeon of the Millennium and Chairman of Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata. The document would provide an overview of the subject through articles penned by experts in the field. As a CSR initiative of the Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata, Dr Sengupta offered special benefits of the hospital to the members of Public Relations Society of India and gave away Privilege Cards to this effect.

CSR, which is made compulsory under the Companies Act and was passed by parliament, comes into effect from April 1, 2014. Mere compliance with rules or carrying out welfare initiatives for the staff does not fall in the ambit of corporate social responsibility for the corporates. From April 1, all registered companies have to nominate three members for their CSR committee from their board. Companies will now be required to spend in structured manner. There will also be a need for whole lot of CSR professionals and consultants and other specialists.

Soumyajit Mahapatra
Secretary – PRSI

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